Are you damaging your business?

We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”. This basically means that there is a minefield of information that you can use to make decisions regarding the future of your business and it all is in your numbers. So what damage are business owners doing to their business by not reviewing […]

Take a ‘number crunching’ approach to your business plan

How often are you reviewing your business plan and what step should you take when reviewing your business plan? When reviewing your business plan I recommend that you take the ‘number crunching’ approach as your first step. To begin your review, start by looking at your marketing or sales funnel and quantify this funnel. Look […]

Why review the accounts for your business?

Many business owners today often forget about the importance of reviewing the accounts for their business, or simply don’t have the time. I had a client recently whose bookkeeper merely captured the totals into each expense for the month. What this meant was that when we actually reviewed the accounts and printed out the general […]

Tracking the Efficiency of Sub-Contractors: A Case Study

Do you use sub-contractors in your business? If so, do you track the time spent and the efficiency of your sub-contractors? The Challenge… I had a client who thought she had a reasonably good idea of how much time and how efficient her sub-contractors were in the work that she was giving them to do. […]

The Challenge of Delegating Ordering Tasks to Staff: A Case Study

When I first met with this particular client he had huge cash flow problems in his business. When we sat down and spoke about these issues whilst working on the performance review for his business, we realised that there was a trend. The Challenge… His staff, who had full control over ordering the stock in […]