Tracking the Efficiency of Sub-Contractors: A Case Study

Do you use sub-contractors in your business? If so, do you track the time spent and the efficiency of your sub-contractors? The Challenge… I had a client who thought she had a reasonably good idea of how much time and how efficient her sub-contractors were in the work that she was giving them to do. […]

The Challenge of Delegating Ordering Tasks to Staff: A Case Study

When I first met with this particular client he had huge cash flow problems in his business. When we sat down and spoke about these issues whilst working on the performance review for his business, we realised that there was a trend. The Challenge… His staff, who had full control over ordering the stock in […]

The Power of Measuring and Tracking Your Business Performance: A Case Study

I’d like to share with you a challenge that one of my clients experienced and how he was able to overcome that challenge by measuring and tracking his business performance. The Challenge… He is a specialist pediatrician who was billing and charging based solely on time. When billing based on time, and you are only […]