Clearer picture in relation to our costs vs pricing structure

Tracey certainly lives up to her name of “The Queen of Cashflow”. Her initial ‘Looking back review’ dissected our numbers and achieved clarity regarding our Real Gross profit for the different area’s of our business. This gave us a clearer picture in relation to our costs vs pricing structure. After the Looking Back Review was […]

Thanks to Tracey’s passionate attention to detail, her penchant for numbers and infectious upbeat personality, I now look forward to our monthly sessions.

I have engaged Tracey Loubser of Confident Cashflows over the past 12 months, to conduct monthly detailed financial reviews of my business. The financial aspect of my business was one part of the business which daunted and overwhelmed me, and I spent very little time on. Tracey assisted in creating cash flow budgets and forecasts […]

Confident Cashflows helped me turn my business from loss to profit in ONE month!

I wish I had called Tracey Loubser from Confident Cashflows a year earlier!! Although I had a successful espresso bar in Perth I was bleeding cash from kitchen costs and wages. Tracey helped me clearly see the matrix that is my cafe business and by focusing my financial attention on both of the problem areas […]

Improved GP by 6% within weeks!!

It was during the fifth year of being self-employed that I finally accepted that I was just too busy to really understand what was happening to the money side of my business. One always can see what is coming in, but how often do we clearly see, dollar by dollar, just what happens to it […]

Tracey is helping me set and achieve some big growth and profit goals

“Working with Tracey has brought many benefits to Publicity for Profit.  She has given me greater control over the financial operations of the business, bringing relief and confidence.  She has helped me create budgets and our monthly sessions bring with them an accountability that keeps me on track.  Most importantly, Tracey is helping me set […]