Small Business Stress – Steps to Beat it

(Article published by – link provided below) Small business stress is more common than you think! To the rest of the world…John was a happy and a very successful business man.  His friends respected him and admired him for the business he had created, which he seemed to run successfully.  They remember when his […]

[VIDEO] The Power of Understanding Numbers in Business Why being in business can feel just like you are standing in the middle of a freeway. Picture yourself standing in the middle of the road on a freeway, there are two things that are happening.There are cars coming towards you and there are cars that are passing you and driving away. Being in […]

Why doesn’t my accountant give me more information on how my business is performing?

Your accountant’s responsibility is to tie your figures together for the year, to make sure that you’re complying with all legal requirements in terms of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and also to ensure you’re deducting the correct amounts and paying the right tax. So, your accountant’s core focus in terms of what […]