Buying A Business : How to ask the right questions?

As published by MYOB – The Pulse – after being interviewed by James McGrath on 4 Dec 2017. (See link below to the MYOB – The Pulse post)   We’ve all had a wild idea to buy a business, maybe that funky little café down the street. One day you walked down the street and […]

How to avoid the 3 Pitfalls of a Fast Growing Business

In this 89.7FM interview with Sally Barker, Tracey explores the 3 Pitfalls of a fast growing business namely : * Spending more than you actually have * Sacrificing time with the family and * Neglecting the paperwork. Tracey also explores how growing businesses can avoid these pitfalls, and stats of failure for fast growing businesses, […]

Family Business- Unique challenges

Family Businesses are unique in their approach to running a business, and also have their own unique set of challenges. I have recently joined Family Business Australia as one of their advisors and was asked to highlight some of these challenges. If you run a Family Business, take a look at this quick 3 minute […]

23 Ways To Improve Cash Flow

This article has been published by – link provided below.     Positive cash flow is crucial for any business’s financial success. If your cash flow is in a poor condition, your company is in a major trouble. There are a lot of tips and methods on how to improve poor cash flow, and […]

Ban on excessive credit card surcharges for small businesses

Summary details relating to the Ban on excessive credit card surcharges for small businesses – from 1 September 2017 (for more details see the link below)  This ban now applies to ALL businesses. From 1 September 2016, this applied to “Large Businesses” (Over $25mill Turnover, over 50 Employees and over $12.5m in Assets)  From 1 […]

WARNING : ATO Debt : Tax Man Bullying In The Small Business Playground – How To Tackle It

This article has been published with  The link is shared below.   Keeping up-to-date with ATO Debt and tax payments is not only a challenge for struggling cash strapped SMEs.   Growing SMEs have the challenge of juggling growing and catch-up tax commitments with day-to-day expenses and the out-of-ordinary costs of a growing business. The […]

6PR Interview : How sick leave affects Small businesses

Small Business Stress – Steps to Beat it

(Article published by – link provided below) Small business stress is more common than you think! To the rest of the world…John was a happy and a very successful business man.  His friends respected him and admired him for the business he had created, which he seemed to run successfully.  They remember when his […]

Accountant blasts SMEs for ‘dismal’ self-assessment – published by

Published by on 13/6/2017 – see below for link A Perth-based accountant has slammed SME owners for having “dismal” financial year-end self-assessment processes, suggesting many have poor ownership of their financial performance. “Financial year-end is the perfect time for reflection and assessment of what was achieved, learnt and changed – an annual recognition of […]

Bankwest Small Business Case Study – Confident Cashflows – May 2017 – Productivity

Confident Cashflows helps businesses improve productivity through cash flow management. As a solo-preneur, productivity is vital to the long-term viability of Tracey Loubser’s business, Confident Cashflows. Loubser says maximising her own personal productivity as well as the productivity of the business allows her to invest her time in things that will drive business growth. “If […]

Resuscitate your 2017 Business Goals – Collaborate to Motivate

As published by Chamber of Commerce WA Business Pulse Magazine – page 27. Set achievable goals and work to your strengths – not weaknesses 2017 is already in full swing now! It seems like just yesterday we were unwinding after Christmas, breathing a deep sigh of reflection on the past year in business … what […]

Leaky Buckets Draining Your Business? – written specifically for REIWA’s Perspective magazine

This article was written specifically for the REIWA’s    Perspective magazine – March edition.  – link below.  Page 24 Although it does refer specifically to “Real Estate”, the concepts are similar for any other type of business.  This concept is put into action through Confident Cashflows unique “Looking Back Review” program and “Looking Forward Plan”.   […]

The Cash Flow Queen’s Two Tips for Profitability – as published by Business Women Australia

Article published by the Business Women Australia on 14 March 2017.  (See link below) While entrepreneurs are often armed with strong ideas, passion and skills, a lack of financial know- can compromise their vision and be the cause of business failure.   As a business owner the buck stops with you. Have you got your finger […]

How to Really Heal the Post-Christmas Cash Flow Crunch

As published by  CCI WA – Business Pulse Magazine – Page 30 (Link below) : Title : Go with the Flow. “Dealing with cash flow headaches requires a long-term approach, not short-term fix-ups” For many SME’s January and February have no “Holiday season appeal”.  Unless you are in retail or hospitality, and your business sales […]

[VIDEO] The Power of Understanding Numbers in Business Why being in business can feel just like you are standing in the middle of a freeway. Picture yourself standing in the middle of the road on a freeway, there are two things that are happening.There are cars coming towards you and there are cars that are passing you and driving away. Being in […]