What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

There is quite a difference in what your bookkeeper can do for your business and what your accountant will do for your business. A bookkeeper deals with the source documentation of your business. They record data for payments and receipts, they reconcile your bank account, in some cases they can deal with your customers e.g. […]

Do you know what your financial position is going to be like in three months’ time?

Most business owners do not know what their financial position will be next month let alone three, six or twelve months in advance. What impact would knowing where your business will be financially in say, three months’ time have on your business? Here are five steps to get you on the road to foretelling the […]

How to understand what your accountant is saying!

All professions have their own jargon and accountants speak a language foreign to most business owners called ‘accountanese’. Just the same as website designers and IT guys speak a language I call ‘ITgeekspeak’. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you leave your accountant’s office thinking, ‘Why can’t they just speak English?’ You have just spent […]

How to choose a good bookkeeper

In any business, the bookkeeper is the source of all information relating to the business’ performance. So, if you have a bookkeeper who is not allocating expenses correctly or is not accurately keeping track of everything within your business then the information you draw out in terms of your Profit and Loss Statements and other […]

Year end..Opportunity ONE for CHANGE

Here in Australia, year end is quickly approaching..30 June. Its at this time of year that we look back at the past year and reflect on what our business has achieved financially and if we have reached our targets…….. don’t we? Unfortunately, unless you have a financial management expert / Virtual CFO on your team….you […]