A. Initial “Looking back” review: “Combing the numbers for Boosted Profit” Review and Feedback.

  • This is the “looking back” review: This analysis allows me to analyse the “true costings” of each individual product and service you offer to the market.
  • By quantifying the “hidden costs” I am then able to assist you in recognising your REAL Gross Profit and make informed decisions regarding your pricing and margin model.
  • You are then able to maximise your Gross profit on each product and service and make informed decisions with regard to your marketing strategy.
  • Your sales staff are then able to focus their energy on products and services with the higher margins which obviously contribute and not “drain” your Profit.
  • We can then work on setting monthly or even weekly sales targets for each product and service and keep track of your progress towards your Targeted total Turnover for the year.

B. Initial “Looking forward 12 month Plan”: “Set the Explosion Plan & Identifying and Controlling Expenses” (Budget) based on your unique business model

  • This plan allows us to “look forward” and plan for the future.
  • This is a detailed plan of the next 12 months Turnover / Sales expectations, related “hidden cost” quantification and other business expenses, This allows Confident Cashflows (with your unique business understanding)  the opportunity to identify costs within your business which may not be “Driving profits” and re-assess their impact on profitability within the business.
  • Should this be applicable to your industry and business, this allows us the opportunity to recognise and plan for trends within the businesses, and how these trends affect your profits and Cash flow.
  • This model allows you the peace of mind regarding upcoming income and expenditure and eliminates those forgotten “surprises”.
  • It also gives you the “peace of mind” regarding the affordability of ad-hoc expenditure during the year (i.e. event sponsorships, testing new advertising and marketing strategies…and the like).
  • This plan forms the basis for future cash flow analysis, allowing you to “see into the future” regarding your cash flow situation and allowing you to prepare for any projected seasonal dips within your market.

Silver – “Balance and Stability” Monthly Financial Performance Review and Feedback