Great Feedback from one our valued Performance Review clients

We are super excited to receive some great feedback from one of our most valued clients, at our standard 6 month feedback review! Check out a few comments ….. We scored 9/10 for the Performance reviews performed, with comments like : YES – Definitely in response to “In comparison to when Confident Cashflows was not […]

How do I overcome ‘Missing Link Syndrome’?

Every business spends money on either a bookkeeper or an accountant and in some cases, both. So, why do 87% of businesses fail because they don’t understand their numbers?  This is what I call the ‘Missing Link Syndrome’.  The missing link is you, the business owner. The information you are missing is what is happening […]

The Missing Link Syndrome

Did you know that more than 87% of small business failures are because they do not understand the money side of their business?  That is a scary statistic isn’t it.  And one that should not be taken lightly!  This statistic is the basis of my ‘Missing Link Syndrome’.  Most business owners do not have a […]