WARNING : ATO Debt : Tax Man Bullying In The Small Business Playground – How To Tackle It

This article has been published with savvysme.com.au.  The link is shared below.   Keeping up-to-date with ATO Debt and tax payments is not only a challenge for struggling cash strapped SMEs.   Growing SMEs have the challenge of juggling growing and catch-up tax commitments with day-to-day expenses and the out-of-ordinary costs of a growing business. The […]

Small Business Stress – Steps to Beat it

(Article published by savvysme.com.au – link provided below) Small business stress is more common than you think! To the rest of the world…John was a happy and a very successful business man.  His friends respected him and admired him for the business he had created, which he seemed to run successfully.  They remember when his […]

How to Really Heal the Post-Christmas Cash Flow Crunch

As published by  CCI WA – Business Pulse Magazine – Page 30 (Link below) : Title : Go with the Flow. “Dealing with cash flow headaches requires a long-term approach, not short-term fix-ups” For many SME’s January and February have no “Holiday season appeal”.  Unless you are in retail or hospitality, and your business sales […]

Why “Back-pocketing” Cash takings is Worse for you than the Tax Man

Let’s just get straight to the point that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will not like you AT ALL if you pocket your cash sales. I’m talking about the scenario where you may receive actual cash money for sales made. Lets play it out; Your customers pay cash and instead of you taking that money, […]

10% NET Profit improvement in 4 months and one step closer to “World Domination”

I know the numbers in my business fairly well BUT P & L reports and spread-sheets do my head in. What I wanted was KPI reports with only the detail that’s important. Tracey has not only helped me be a lot more focused in achieving the goals I have for this year, (which are already […]