[VIDEO] Tracking costs for products and services – Which ones?

I often get asked by clients if they should be tracking the costs related to their different products and services. My answer to that is definitely. But, exactly what costs should you be tracking to get accurate information relating to profit and cash flow for each relative service should you be tracking?

[VIDEO] Keeping business and personal financial transactions separate

Sole Traders often ask me what costs they need to take into account in their business. A sole trader is just the structure of the entity that you’re using to run your business through. Whether you’re a sole trader, in other words you use your own name and are being taxed in your own name, […]

[VIDEO] The Dangers of Drawing on Your Business Profits

Many business owners are not necessarily being paid a salary, in other words they’re not being paid a salary through the payroll but instead they are drawing profits as and when funds are available. But how does this affect your business and does it have an impact on your business?

[VIDEO] Why do you need to track your subcontractors?

Do you currently track the time and efficiency of your subcontractors. Learn from one of my clients who wasn’t tracking her subcontractors and find out what happened when she did begin questioning the time her subcontractors spent. The Challenge…I had a client who thought she had a reasonably good idea of how much time and […]

[MEDIA] Cashflow – Who’s Minding Your Till?

  Many small business owners know they aren’t good with managing money so naturally they leave it to their expert accountants and bookkeepers. TRACEY LOUBSER explains how ignoring the financial side of your business could lead to its demise. Click here to read the full article by Tracey Loubser published in Working Women’s Magazine published […]