Greatest Frustrations

After working with so many small business owners throughout my career, I have found that there are a few common frustrations experienced by most of them.Hamster-wheel-man

So to help you, I have compiled a report : ”  

“The Nine Most Common Frustrations of Small Business Owners:

A Short Guide to: Making and Keeping More Money in Your Business – by Tracey Loubser of Confident Cashflows”

 “My Friends, the Numbers!”

These frustrations include :

  1. Cash flow Control : “My bank account never looks like my profit and loss… I wish I could see what my bank balance could look like in 3 – 6 months! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to plan and enjoy holidays without worrying if there was enough money to pay the bills while I was away!!”
  2. Debt Reduction: “I have a credit card / other debt items I really want to pay off. Sometimes I wish I knew how much I could afford to pay, in which months, without sacrificing any other normal business running costs”
  3. Expense Control : “I wish I had a plan for the year, so I knew how much I could afford to spend in other areas, without jeopardising the business in any way”
  4. Financial Management: “My coach keeps asking me questions / I know I should know about what’s happening with the money side of my business…. But I just don’t get it and its all just too hard”
  5. Growth / Big Changes : “I keep putting off / worry a lot about those “big change” decisions in my business; I never know when is the best time. I wish I could plan that extra staff member / big office move / renovation, without stressing about the unknown”
  6. Individual Product / Service Profitability : “I know some of my products / services make more real money than others, but if only I knew exactly how much.” Sometimes I wonder if I am spending too much time on lower profit products/services and not enough time on others”
  7. Keeping Up With TAX Payments : I have been really blessed with some great profits, I just really wish I could be more in control of my TAX debts – that way, I know I wouldn’t always be having to pay “catchup” with my TAX debts”
  8. Keeping On Track Of My Turnover (Sales) Targets : :If only I knew how well (or not so well) I was progressing in achieving my goals…..”
  9. Profitability Control : “I feel the money just comes into my bank account and goes out even faster” There doesn’t seem to be much left over… I really don’t understand why”

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The 9 Greatest Frustrations: