Leaky Buckets Draining Your Business? – written specifically for REIWA’s Perspective magazine

This article was written specifically for the REIWA’s    Perspective magazine – March edition.  – link below.  Page 24 Although it does refer specifically to “Real Estate”, the concepts are similar for any other type of business.  This concept is put into action through Confident Cashflows unique “Looking Back Review” program and “Looking Forward Plan”.   […]

The Cash Flow Queen’s Two Tips for Profitability – as published by Business Women Australia

Article published by the Business Women Australia on 14 March 2017.  (See link below) While entrepreneurs are often armed with strong ideas, passion and skills, a lack of financial know- can compromise their vision and be the cause of business failure.   As a business owner the buck stops with you. Have you got your finger […]

[VIDEO] How to get more “Oomph” from your budgeting process


Are you damaging your business?

We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”. This basically means that there is a minefield of information that you can use to make decisions regarding the future of your business and it all is in your numbers. So what damage are business owners doing to their business by not reviewing […]

Take a ‘number crunching’ approach to your business plan

How often are you reviewing your business plan and what step should you take when reviewing your business plan? When reviewing your business plan I recommend that you take the ‘number crunching’ approach as your first step. To begin your review, start by looking at your marketing or sales funnel and quantify this funnel. Look […]