[VIDEO] Why do you need to set a budget?

There are many benefits to setting a budget for your business. Find out how to plan for your business success!

End of Financial Year – Is it ‘Crunch Time’ for Your Business?

The months of May and June of each year are really crunch time months for many business owners.  I am seeing evidence of this with many of the clients I work with. End of May is generally the deadline for small businesses to submit their income tax returns for the previous year.  In other words, […]

How do I overcome ‘Missing Link Syndrome’?

Every business spends money on either a bookkeeper or an accountant and in some cases, both. So, why do 87% of businesses fail because they don’t understand their numbers?  This is what I call the ‘Missing Link Syndrome’.  The missing link is you, the business owner. The information you are missing is what is happening […]

Why budgets in business are a must have!

Many business owners fail to set a budget and don’t consider this to be important for them. They either think they are not big enough to need one or they have one ‘in their head’. So, why is it important for every business to set a budget? A budget is the success plan for a […]

How do I set a budget?

How businesses set and follow budgets is obviously very important. Setting a budget can actually be easier than you think. You need to look at the past three years within your business and ask yourself: how did the business do in terms of revenue and expenditure? Look at trends within your business. What regular payments […]