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Buying A Business : How to ask the right questions?

As published by MYOB – The Pulse – after being interviewed by James McGrath on 4 Dec 2017. (See link below to the MYOB – The Pulse post)   We’ve all had a wild idea to buy a business, maybe that funky little café down the street. One day you walked down the street and […]

Small Business Stress – Steps to Beat it

(Article published by – link provided below) Small business stress is more common than you think! To the rest of the world…John was a happy and a very successful business man.  His friends respected him and admired him for the business he had created, which he seemed to run successfully.  They remember when his […]

Bankwest Small Business Case Study – Confident Cashflows – May 2017 – Productivity

Confident Cashflows helps businesses improve productivity through cash flow management. As a solo-preneur, productivity is vital to the long-term viability of Tracey Loubser’s business, Confident Cashflows. Loubser says maximising her own personal productivity as well as the productivity of the business allows her to invest her time in things that will drive business growth. “If […]

How to Really Heal the Post-Christmas Cash Flow Crunch

As published by  CCI WA – Business Pulse Magazine – Page 30 (Link below) : Title : Go with the Flow. “Dealing with cash flow headaches requires a long-term approach, not short-term fix-ups” For many SME’s January and February have no “Holiday season appeal”.  Unless you are in retail or hospitality, and your business sales […]

[VIDEO] The Power of Understanding Numbers in Business Why being in business can feel just like you are standing in the middle of a freeway. Picture yourself standing in the middle of the road on a freeway, there are two things that are happening.There are cars coming towards you and there are cars that are passing you and driving away. Being in […]