Buying A Business : How to ask the right questions?

As published by MYOB – The Pulse – after being interviewed by James McGrath on 4 Dec 2017. (See link below to the MYOB – The Pulse post)   We’ve all had a wild idea to buy a business, maybe that funky little café down the street. One day you walked down the street and […]

How to avoid the 3 Pitfalls of a Fast Growing Business

In this 89.7FM interview with Sally Barker, Tracey explores the 3 Pitfalls of a fast growing business namely : * Spending more than you actually have * Sacrificing time with the family and * Neglecting the paperwork. Tracey also explores how growing businesses can avoid these pitfalls, and stats of failure for fast growing businesses, […]

Family Business- Unique challenges

Family Businesses are unique in their approach to running a business, and also have their own unique set of challenges. I have recently joined Family Business Australia as one of their advisors and was asked to highlight some of these challenges. If you run a Family Business, take a look at this quick 3 minute […]

23 Ways To Improve Cash Flow

This article has been published by – link provided below.     Positive cash flow is crucial for any business’s financial success. If your cash flow is in a poor condition, your company is in a major trouble. There are a lot of tips and methods on how to improve poor cash flow, and […]

Ban on excessive credit card surcharges for small businesses

Summary details relating to the Ban on excessive credit card surcharges for small businesses – from 1 September 2017 (for more details see the link below)  This ban now applies to ALL businesses. From 1 September 2016, this applied to “Large Businesses” (Over $25mill Turnover, over 50 Employees and over $12.5m in Assets)  From 1 […]