Cally – Cally’s Conveyancing

Tracey has been an absolute savior to me and my business.

I initially felt very intimidated when looking at my figures, which I felt was a very daunting experience every month.  Tracey has taken the stress out of this, and helped me to understand the figures and see in a simple-to-read report showing where my business is at, and where we stand with projections and forecasts.  Tracey has also given me some huge reality wake-up calls when I have been behaving like an ostrich about the state of my business which have not been what I wanted to hear at the time, but she has given me lots of food for thought on how to improve my business and turn things around. Thanks to Tracey I am now confident about my business financials, know where I stand with regards to making big business expense decisions, and which areas I want to target now for future business having looked closely at the break-even figures – thanks to Tracey and her reports I have done a total U-turn on my target market!!

In a nut-shell Tracey helps me sleep easily at night because I know exactly where I am at, instead of guessing and hoping I am “right”.



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