Improved GP by 6% within weeks!!

kevin fahie

It was during the fifth year of being self-employed that I finally accepted that I was just too busy to really understand what was happening to the money side of my business. One always can see what is coming in, but how often do we clearly see, dollar by dollar, just what happens to it after it is in the bank? How well do we understand the true profit as opposed to the overall GP?

To find the answers, I knew I needed to “lay bare” all about my business. To do that I needed someone I could really trust. This analysis also required a person who has the credibility to perform such a task and therefore gives real value for money. That person for me was Tracey from Confident Cash Flows. Tracey’s ability to drill down to the deepest depths of your business financials provides total clarity on just what is happening to your hard earned dollars. That information was so critical to me making the best decisions for my business. A quick example is that within a very short time Tracey identified the low profit areas of my business. We very soon had a plan to correct these losses and we improved the GP by 6% in just a matter of weeks. In a competitive market such improvement is not always easy, but with Tracey’s professional support we made the adjustment without losing clients.

Prior to using Tracey I was lacking clear understanding of the financials of my business. That is something we all need and thanks to Tracey of Confident Cash Flows I have gone on to make major and informed decisions about my business and future.

It is with good reason that Tracey can call herself “The Queen of Cash Flow”!

Kevin Fahie.

Whitegood Traders & Appliance Repairs.

August 2013




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