Confident Cashflows helped me turn my business from loss to profit in ONE month!

I wish I had called Tracey Loubser from Confident Cashflows a year earlier!!

Although I had a successful espresso bar in Perth I was bleeding cash from kitchen costs and wages.

Tracey helped me clearly see the matrix that is my cafe business and by focusing my financial attention on both of the problem areas and the profitable areas I was able to take some significant decisions to adjust the running of my business…with amazing success!!

Confident Cashflows gave me the confidence to make big changes quickly!!

Through Tracey I gained clarity on my business dynamics and gained control on my Cost of Sales and Income streams.

Tracey worked with me to understand the detailed monthly reports provided and with this information we developed realistic budgets for the next 6 months.

I started to enjoy, rather than worry, about my business. Tracey understood my medium-term goals and we worked towards finessing my business into a highly saleable asset. Annie Rankin – May 2012. Shortmac Pty Ltd



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