Clearer picture in relation to our costs vs pricing structure

Tracey certainly lives up to her name of “The Queen of Cashflow”.

Her initial ‘Looking back review’ dissected our numbers and achieved clarity regarding our Real Gross profit for the different area’s of our business.

This gave us a clearer picture in relation to our costs vs pricing structure.

After the Looking Back Review was completed, we had moved over to a more advanced software system to account to better stock control.

Tracey was instrumental in ensuring that costs were accurately recorded for each of the product area’s and therefore able to continue accuracy in cost control.  This has allowed us to be more confident in moving forward with our software system.

Her regular meetings provide us with timely and accurate insight into our current profits, with forecasts constantly being tweaked for accurate profit and cashflow projections.

Tanya Pannell – Executive Director – Rocks Gone Pty Ltd – March 2017



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